School Council

The Alberta Legislature, through the School Act, has delegated much of its authority for the governance of education to locally elected school boards. Section 22(1) of the School Act states; a school council shall be established in accordance with the regulations for each school operated by a Board. The Board believes that school councils are an important link between the Board and the school communities throughout the jurisdiction. The Board believes that school councils can bring critical perspectives about education, the needs of the school, and concerns of the community to the Board. Therefore, the Board encourages and promotes School Councils and the Board expects each school council to support the Board mission and beliefs statements in promoting Catholic Education. In addition to the purposes stated in regulation and stature, school councils shall:

  • Be advisory to the principal, and not serve in a line relationship to the board:
  • Offer advice and consultation to the principal and the Board (through the local Ward Committee) about any matter relevant to school operations:
  • Be chaired by a member of the Roman Catholic faith
  • Encourage greater parent participation in the education of their children:
  • Promote parent understanding of the education system and teaching and learning processes:
  • Provide parents an organization for expressing their support for education:
  • Foster a total Catholic school community:
  • Work together to ensure the best possible Catholic education for students in the school and the broader school community :
  • Enhance communication between the home and the school
  • Provide input from parents in the development of the mission of the school and the attainment of that mission
  • Receive reports from the principal on the school program, general policies and organization of the school, and the school's annual results; and
  • Receive reports and suggestions from parent s and community groups on school-related matters
  • School Council Advisor Trena Ramsay provides support to the Division's school councils in all matters pertaining to their operation, especially as it relates to achieving the Board's mission and beliefs statements in promoting Catholic Education.
  • You can contact each school council Chair by e-mail using the links on the right, or you may send an e-mail message to all the school council Chairs, the School Council Advisor, Board Chair and Associate Superintendent at