2014-2015 SCHOOL YEAR. 
Holy Cross Collegiate is a grade 7 to 12 school offering a complete educational experience. We are celebrating our tenth year as a school in Strathmore. We are very excited to have been part of the growth and accomplishments of our school over these past ten years! We opened our doors in August 2004 with an enrollment of 123. For the 2013-2014 school year we had 368 students in our building. Our school exists because of our Faith and as a staff and school community we make an effort to permeate our Faith in all that we do.  Our school motto says it all, “He Died for Us, We Live for Him”. Students and staff are expected to follow in Christ’s footsteps at all times since we believe that to truly develop the many blessings Christ has given us, we must use the gifts as well as witness the gifts in others.

We ask our students to commit to three key dimensions in our school. First, strive to develop an active relationship with Jesus Christ. This can be done by participating in daily prayer, monthly celebrations and various faith based activities. Second, commit to being the best academic students they can be. Every subject needed to complete both a junior high and high school program is offered at HCC. We do not want students to have the choice to not do work. We will make every effort to ensure that students are completing their work, therefore leading to success. Staff members consistently provide extra help before and after school. Third, there is the option to participate in some of the variety of clubs and athletic activities and teams throughout the year.

We firmly believe that parents are essential in the education process. Parents are the first and most continuous educators of their children. We invite all parents to get actively involved with the school. There are many ways to get involved and we hope to see our parents often at the school. Together we will provide the best education possible for the Holy Cross students. Parents are encouraged to attend all athletic events and volunteer with the hot lunch program. Most of all we encourage parents to become active through our School Council. Drop in, introduce yourself and become part of the Holy Cross experience!!!

On behalf of the staff and administration, we wish every student success, remembering our mission statement which grounds us day in and day out at Holy Cross.

Finally, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all of the staff, parents and students who work so hard in creating an atmosphere of learning and faith. Your high expectations are present in all that you do. Our success as a school is due to your dedication to excellence.

Lavern Evans


Holy Cross Collegiate is United in Faith, Hope and Charity to Develop a Collaborative Community Where Individuals are Inspired to Discover their Spiritual, Academic, Athletic and
Creative Potential.

"The truth of Christ and knowledge of God's creation will be experienced by and manifest in the students, staff, parents and supporters of our Catholic School Community"
Vision of the Board