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Holy Trinity Academy is a senior high school (grades 10 to 12) serving some 750 students. The Mission Statement of Holy Trinity Academy is based on the three theological virtues of faith, hope and love. FAITH – Our Catholic Faith will be omnipresent and we will allow the Holy Spirit to guide us in all we say and do. HOPE – The Christian-Hope that we have for the potential of our students will defy reason, and be evidenced by the extremes to which we will go to help our students reach their capabilities. LOVE – Our students are Christ’s gifts to us; we honour Christ by cherishing their academic success and personal growth.


As a result of striving to carry through this mission each day, Holy Trinity enjoys a five year ranking in the top 6% of all schools in the province, as measured by the Fraser Institute. With regard to the satisfaction of both our students and our parents, our most recent Alberta Accounatiblity Pilar surveys revealed that 99% of our responding parent and 97% of our students are satisfied or extremely satisfied with the quality of education at our school.


Holy Trinity Academy is adopting the Advanced Placement program in order to provide our well suited Honours students with a rigorous and challenging academic program in their area of specialty. The school also offers an extensive Learning Support Program for students needing reinforcement in targeted subjects. The program has been designed to assist learners of all abilities. We are proud to offer scheduled Learning Support for subjects in the basic stream, such as English 30-2 or Social 30-2, while also offering unparalleled Learning Support for classes in the university entrance stream such as Pure Mathematics 30 or Chemistry 30. In addition to our core French program, Holy Trinity Academy also offers French Immersion classes. Currently, we have French Language Arts at each grade level, as well as Math, Science, Chemistry, Biology and Social Studies in French.

Holy Trinity Academy moved to its new location in May of 2006. This facility is located in the northeast corner of Okotoks. The mailing address is RR 2, Okotoks, AB, T1S 1A2; the physical address is 338 Avenue and 32 Street East. The new building has the ability to expand to a capacity of 800 without further physical expansion of the facility.  Our current enrollment is 798.
For more information about the school, please contact Mrs. Carmen Ostafichuk, Principal, at 403-938-2477 ext 116 or e-mail costafichuk@redeemer.ab.ca
Holy Trinity Academy, Okotoks

Holy Trinity Academy

 338072 - 32nd St. E., RR 2
Phone: 403-938-2477 Fax: 403-938-6077


"The truth of Christ and knowledge of God's creation will be experienced by and manifest in the students, staff, parents and supporters of our Catholic School Community"
Vision of the Board