"A community rooted in faith seeking excellence for all. "
Excellence and ethics characterize the culture of St. Joseph’s Collegiate in Brooks, Alberta.  As a community of faith, students in this Catholic secondary school have created a touchstone to learn and live by:
At St Joseph’s Collegiate we
     Exceed our potential
     Exemplify Christ
     Extend a hand of Friendship
     Expect respect
We Excel…that’s the SJC way.
As a result, outstanding academics, vibrant faith opportunities, high quality athletics, first class band and arts programs, incredible student leadership opportunities and a warm and caring community characterize this junior/senior high school.   Parents are actively engaged through the SJC school council.   Connections to our local parish support the sacraments and provide students with rich faith experiences through retreats, worship, and service.
We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about our school community.

Please contact the principal, Ben Galeski at (403) 362-5989,
bgaleski@redeemer.ab.ca or visit the school at 408 First St. W., Brooks, Alberta. Our door is always open.

 Gymnasium Schedule

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  SJC Sr Girls Volleyball Tryouts
  SJC Boys Volleyball Tryouts
  SJC Sr. Girls Volleyball tryouts
  SJC Boys Volleyball Tryouts
  SJC Int & JV Girls Volleyball Tryouts
  CTK Girls volleyball tryouts
  SJC Int & JV Girls Volleyball Tryouts
  SJC Sr. Girls volleyball practice
  CTK Boys Volleyball Tryouts
  SJC Boys volleyball practice
  CTK Girls Volleyball Tryouts
  SJC Int girls & JV girls practice
  SJC Sr Girls practice
  CTK Boys Volleyball Tryouts
  SJC Int & JV girls volleyball practice
  SJC Sr. Girls and Boy volleyball practice
St. Joseph's Collegiate 7-12

St. Joseph's Collegiate


408 First St. West. Brooks, AB T1R 0V8
Phone: 403-362-5989 Fax: 403-362-8335

"The truth of Christ and knowledge of God's creation will be experienced by and manifest in the students, staff, parents and supporters of our Catholic School Community"
Vision of the Board