Curated. Art Collective Winners Announced!

Christ The Redeemer (CTR) Catholic School is pleased to announce the winners and runners-up for our second annual Curated. Art Collective! The selection committee was thrilled to receive 57 online submissions highlighting the talent of students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 across CTR Catholic. We were overwhelmed by the talent of the artists! A huge thanked also goes out to all our teacher who assisted with this year's submissions. This year's award recipients include:

Division 1 (Gr. K-3) -

Winner: Grade 3, Devlin Lacroix, St. Mary’s – Selfie in the Forest. Runner Up: Grade 1, Evan Feaver, Holy Spirit Academy – Untitled. Special Mention: Grade 3 student Madeleine Janzen from Good Shepherd, Dancing Beauty (Curated's first music submission).

Division 2 (Gr. 4-6) -

Winner: Grade 5, Zoe Gagne, Centre for Learning@HOME – Zoe’s Wonderland. Runner Up: Grade 6, Bronwyn Creelman, St. Mary’s School – The Hive is Where the Heart Is.

Division 3 (Gr. 7-9) –

Winner: Grade 9, Brooke Fynn, Our Lady of the Snows – Soul Essence. Runner Up: Grade 9, Maeva Putz, Centre for Learning@HOME – Made with Love.

Division 4 (Gr. 10-12) –

Winner: Grade 12, Hannah Mortimer, Holy Trinity – Eyes Behind the Mask. Tie for Runner Up:

Grade 11, Matea Boucher – Centre for Learning@HOME – I Am My Own Masterpiece and Grade 11, Gabriel Marquardt, Holy Trinity – Lord, can you hear us down here?

Congratulations!! Artists, be sure to enter your artwork in next year's Curated. Art Collective.

Check out this video of our submissions: