Readers and Writers Workshop

Readers’ and Writers’ Workshop is part of a balanced approach to teaching literacy. The goal of the Readers' and Writers' Workshop is to improve student engagement and reading comprehension through access to a variety of books, student reading choice, time devoted to independent reading, explicit instruction,  and thoughtful discussions, feedback and teaching during conferences in Language Arts.  

Writers' Workshop provides students with authentic writing experiences, time to write, explicit instruction, responsive feedback and frequent writing that improves writing fluency and quality of writing.

“We want students to become flexible, resilient readers who read for pleasure as well as for academic purposes. We want them to have a toolkit of strategies for dealing with difficulty, and we want them to know when and how to use those strategies.”  Lucy Calkins

Teachers can answer children’s questions only if they know the writing process from both the inside and the outside.  They know it from the inside because they work at their own writing; they know it from the outside because they are acquainted with research that shows what happens when people write.    Don Graves