Strategic Plan

The Christ the Redeemer Catholic Schools Board of Trustees, through its policy governance model and its passion for kids and learning, has established strategic planning as an ongoing systematic cycle that involves all those associated with Christ the Redeemer Catholic Schools. 

The strategic plan identifies the vision, mission, beliefs, and articulates the strategic directions of the district. It identifies those priorities that must be embraced by all in order to progress toward the vision! The strategic directions provide the focus for the Board of Trustees, the Superintendent and the leadership team, for schools, for teachers, staff and volunteers. 

The plan forms the basis for performance planning and establishes outcomes and performance measures against which progress can be accessed and reported.  Strategic planning is a “best business practice” resulting in productivity and satisfaction.  

The Truth of Christ and knowledge of God’s Creation will be experienced by and manifested in the students, staff, parents, and supporters of our Catholic School Community.  

As an evangelizing school division, in partnership with the parish and the family, we will deliver an authentic Catholic learning experience by creating a foundation of faith and knowledge in a warm, caring environment to guide all students to appreciate the goodness of all creation and to meet the challenges of life with hope and confidence. 

To fulfill the vision and mission Christ the Redeemer School Division and all associated therein will at all times be guided by the following beliefs: FAITH: 
We embrace the teaching of the Magisterium of the Church. Our Catholic Faith permeates all that we do. Our schools become faith communities when staff and students give witness to their faith. Jesus is the source of our morals and values. Prayer is essential. 

We believe the family is the fundamental unit of society and that parents are the primary educators of their children. The educational needs of all students must be met in a manner that does not deprive others of access to quality education. 

Safe and Caring: 
We believe that the infinite value of each person in God’s eyes must be reflected in all that we do. This calls for respect in all relationships. 

Stewardship of Resources: 
We are called to be faithful stewards of God’s creation. The Board of Trustees is accountable to the Bishop of the Diocese of Calgary, the Minister of Education, and our parents and supporters. The Board provides direction to its staff and students.


The Board evaluates itself based on the successful implementation of its strategic plan. The Board began updating its strategic plan in the 2020 school year. The Board’s objective is to engage stakeholders and community influencers as a means to advocate for Catholic education through an examination of how our schools are perceived and how our schools are responding to societal needs. The questions the Board has identified include the following: 

 - What factors might attract families, both Catholic and non-Catholic, to our Catholic Schools? 
- Even before the pandemic, we observed a rise in mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and feelings of isolation. What is our schools’ role in responding to these issues? 
- How can the division spread the good news about Catholic education in the broader community? 

During the 2021/2022 school year, individual trustees will engage parents and other community influencers in an examination of these questions through a series of three community consultations, occurring in January, February, and March. The Board will report back to stakeholders after reviewing the consolidated feedback in April 2022.